लेग क्रिकेट महासंघ, भारत             Leg Cricket Federation, India

Registered India Under Society Registration Act. 1860. Member of International Leg Cricket Council & School Sports and Cultural Activities Federation

membership for the session 2016-17 

This is to inform you that affiliation and membership as state secretary of Leg Cricket Federation, India is open for the year 2016-17.  The  General council of Leg Cricket Federation, India has decided to reduce the Annual Membership/registration/affiliation fees from Rs. 5100 to Rs. 3100.  This offer is valid upto 31st Jan., 2015

3rd Mathura District Leg Cricket Championship

Attention please

This is to inform you that Leg Cricket Federation, India is the only federation in India which is affiliated by International Leg Cricket Council and School Sports & Cultural Activities Federation of India.  If you got any message, e-mails or call (other than Federation e-mail or helpline No.) for any National or International Leg Cricket championship. Please inform us on our helpline No. 09868668825 or mail us at  The list of national and international Leg Cricket Championship has been uploaded on the CALENDER link of this website.  

How to play Leg Cricket

            Leg Cricket is similer to Cricket in many ways but it is not cricket.  It is played on a circular ground with radius 80 to 120 feet.  The Pitch is 8 feet wide and 42-48 feet longer (according to age group or category).  It is played between two team consist 11+4 player in each team.   Winning the toss the captions decide legging or fielding.  The bowler roll down the ball (under arm balling) and the legsman hit the ball.  He score single, double, triple run by running across the pitch or score four/six by kicking the ball out of the boundary (as in cricket).  A legsman will be declared out if he/she touch the ball ball twice or kick with wrong leg. He/she will be declared catch out,  run out, hit wicket etc. as in cricket.  Team, which score more run will be declared winner and the player who score more run/wicket will be declared the man of the match. For more detail and RULE BOOK click on rule book link of home page or directly download it from the download link.  It is a well know fact that many school and institution play leg cricket game a  recreation game. 



       Leg Cricket Federation of India is the apex governing body, affiliated by International Leg Cricket Council and Federation of Asian Leg Cricket,  for all leg cricket championship and events in India. Its Head quarter is situated at Pooth Khurd, Delhi, India. L.C.F.I. was formed by in 2011 by Sh. Jogender Prasad Verma as the national governing body of leg Cricket sports in India. L.C.F.I. is the supreme authority of Leg Cricket in India. Being the supreme authority it reserve the right to affiliate and cancel the affiliation of its various state associations.It has the right to select players, umpires and official for international Leg Cricket championship. L.C.F.I. has the authority to inspect it state association.  L.C.F.,I. organized national level Leg Cricket Championship in association with its affiliated state units and other National level sports governing body e.g., Municipal School Games Federation of India, School Sports and Cultural Activities Federation, India and Indian Rural Olympic Association.